Get Rewarded For Looking Good.

refer clients and get a gift card for every confirmed report.

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Property Inspection does all the work for you. Instinctively

We've made using the application as easy as possible.

On the Ballconstantly improving our service

It's important to stay up to date. To do this, we are constantly looking for new trends, features and companies that we can incorporate to make your experience enjoyable.

Premium Qualityrewards worth bragging about

We make sure that the rewards you receive are relevant and worthwhile. We work with major Australian companies to ensure that the hard work you put in is recognised.

No Reward Limitsmake as much as you want

Unlike other rewards programs out there, we don't stop you at two or three reports a day. We encourage you to make as many as you possibly can and maximise your rewards.

Brewed for Successperfection through research

Over 10 months research went into our app as well as another 12 months of development. That's how we know it's going to rock and you're going to love it.

We hear youusing feedback to move forward

Love it or hate it. We want to hear what you have to say. Drop us a line and we'll make sure that your opinion is heard. We value user input and aim to action all feedback.

Secured Accountsprivacy built-in

Client privacy is paramount. That's why we've made sure that all data is encrypted and parsed through an SSL compliant server that not even the guy who made it could hack.

How does it Work

Simple works. So maybe we should stay that way.

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Get to know what it does. Just in case.

You'll be amazed at how much we've managed to fit into such a simple application. Through simplicity we've managed to achieve sheer brilliance.

  • property report requests
  • instant rewards
  • property report discounts
  • native report submission
  • supports strata reports
  • minimal data consumption
  • strata document handling
  • real monetary rewards

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